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Dive express the strength and kindness of the people

"U" released five albums and one CDbook, she has been a creative and energetic. Her appeal is a rich expression.
Her character is just overdub her voice "a cappella completely alone."
"U "learned the strength and kindness of the human in the Japanese children's songs and life of Mother Teresa.

Thus "U" has composed a scene that spoke to the baby of the pregnant women【song title: Peaceful world in the amniotic fluid , Japanese Title"yousui no anndokann"】
She composed a song that talks about the helplessness of human and the greatness of the aurora. 【song title: Into the aurora , Japanese Title"aurora no nakae"】

In addition, she is not only the field of music and artists to support activities of the Tokyo Cord Blood Bank.

As the face of another, "U" was a Japan Airlines flight attendants in the past.
She wanted to be a singer since childhood, but had given up the story like catching the cloud. So she became a flight attendant that had as another dream.

She met many people as working of flights.She had a lot of emotions with each touch of human warmth and stupidity. In particular, she felt that people who live around the world were fundamentally the same.

She realized that her real dream was singing.
She began to express human thoughts and feelings in song, and learned to sing while keep working.
And finally, she debuted as a singer in 2000.

"U" will continue to sing about the strength and kindness of the people forever. And she is going to grow into a great diva that can bring out feelings of healing.


2000年 A Capella CD album"Scenery" 【原風景 】 was released as debut CD ,
ranked in the charts of Tower Records in Oricon magazine
2002年 "Brain-left brain-right brain,"【のう~右脳・左脳】 was Released in Japan and Taiwan
2003年 "Nursery rhyme Collection"【ふだん着の童謡歌集~スローライフミュージック】was Released
2004年 "Shouwa Song Collection"【ふだん着の昭和歌集】was released The activity as the Tokyo cord blood bank support artist started
2005年 "Tokyo Life Style"CD Book was released
2008年 U &U Office Co.,Ltd and B-dama Records Established
First self-produced works,"Song of fate"【運命の詩】was released
(U composed based on Mother Theresa's word,)